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Your Dog’s Poop Is A Valuable Natural Resource


It really is true that you learn something new every day. Also, it seems that with each day, the new thing I learn keeps getting stranger and stranger. Apparently, Geneva-based designer Océane Izard has created an appliance that takes dog poop and turns it into electricity.

Well, this new gadget will make it really difficult for you to say that you never get anything back from your dog! Apparently, this device, called the”Poo Poo Power,” is capable of producing enough energy to charge household gadgets..

This is what Izard said about his invention:

“I have three dogs. I have always believed in the potential of my dogs’ droppings. I’ve also lost count of the times I’ve walked in shit.”

The way this device works is that owners place their dog’s waste into a biodegradable bag and put it into the “Poo Poo Power”. There, sludge-eating bacteria turn the waste into methane, which is then converted into power. The electricity is stored in batteries which can then be used for things like remote controls.

Izard adds:

“For example, for a German shepherd, the amount of poo is different from that of a beagle,” Izard says. “For a beagle, it creates between 250 and 340 grams of feces per day. This allows you to run a fan for two hours. For a German dog, it’s twice as much. It could almost run your fridge.”

She says it will also change the way dog owners see poop:

“For me it should not be taboo. Dog owners pick up their dog turds every day. This is certainly an ordeal. That’s why there’s so much in the streets. But with this machine, people will want to bring [home] this precious gift that their dogs do one to two times a day.”

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