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Your Dog Could Be A Real Party Anımal


It is no secret that the pet industry is one of the more lucrative in the world and that people are willing to spend copious and often ridiculous amounts of money on their animal friends. It is there no secret that the people from the tech industry are always looking for ways to get in on this market with products that will be appealing to pet-owners, but also to the pets themselves.

PARTY is the latest company to come out with a product aimed at pet-owners, or more precisely, dog owners. We are talking about their Disco Dog LED vest, whose name pretty much lets you know what it is about. It is a dog vest that has LED lights attached to it and which can be controlled with a smartphone. Among other things, you can choose between various light patterns, and you can even make it display a scrolling message. Like you would on a blimp.

In line with the latest in the world of entertainment technology, the vest connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing you to control the lights easily and hassle-free. Moreover, it is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Among the “designs” available, you will find stripes and sparkles and there is also an option to turn your doggie friend into a barking, walking sandwich board.

There is an added benefit of turning your canine friend into a walking blimp and that is its safety, especially during night-time walks when you might lose sight of it. With your dog being illuminated like the Eifel Tower on New Year’s Eve, there’s no danger of this happening ever again.

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