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You Should Play With Your Dog Every Day


There are people who either do not find the time or the will to play with their dogs every day, thinking that once they reach adulthood, dogs do not require playtime with their owners. According to the experts, this is a big mistake. Namely, adult dogs definitely need a bit of playtime and the experts advise at least an hour of active play every day. It would be best to do this in two sessions of 30 minutes. Swimming, jumping and running is fine, but the experts agree that structured games will benefit the dog even more.

For example, games like hide and seek, tug of war or fetch will reinforce the bond with your dog and they will also teach the dog control.

One of the best things you can do for your playtime with your canine friend is buying a toy or two, because dogs love toys, regardless of their age. Fetch is a real classic and for a good reason. While they can be picky about the kind of toy they will actually fetch, you will find the perfect toy that will allow you to have hours of fun.

If you choose the fetch toy to be a Frisbee, make sure that you purchase one suitable for dogs in specialized stores. Regular, “human” Frisbees can be very hard and sturdy and they can cause your dog to chip a tooth. In some cases, the dog will be perfectly happy with an ordinary stick.

Whatever it is you choose to play with your dog, make sure that the area is safe and that the dog is in no danger of, for instance, running into traffic.


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Doggy News

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