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Would You Clone Your Dog For $100,000?


In a fascinating story about how far an owner’s love for their dog can go, we meet Phillip and Paula Dupont and learn about the intriguing way they dealt with the passing of their beloved dog, Melvin. Although everybody thought Melvin was a Catahoula leopard dog at first, it turned out he was a mutt, part Catahoula and part Doberman.

That didn’t change much, though, as Phillip claims that Melvin was no ordinary dog. He explains:

He was different, of all the dogs I had, he was completely different.

Apparently, Phillip paid $50 for Melvin, and Melvin turned out to be the best dog Phillip has ever had.

Naturally, a couple of years ago Melvin started to show his age, and the Duponts realized they might soon lose him. Then they decided to turn to a lab in South Korea and witness a miracle that would cost them $100,000 – it was the only place in the world where they could get a clone of their dog.

The Duponts sent some of Melvin’s skill cells to the lab in South Korea and the first attempt didn’t end well – the puppy died from distemper. The second attempt, however, produced two healthy Melvins, named Ken and Henry. Ken and Henry have helped the Duponts cope with Melvin’s passing. It was “hard” to come to terms with his death, but having two Melvins has been truly helpful.

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