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Woman Wins 25,000, Gives It All Away To Shelter Dogs


What would you do if someone gave you $25 thousand?  Most people would spend it on themselves, but Samantha White is not one of those folks.

When White, a cosmetology student in Weaverville, N.C., received $25K, she immediately knew that she was going to donate all of her money to help dogs in need.

Upon informing Samantha that she was the winner of the contest, TD Bank told her that she needed to fulfill two simple requirements.  Namely, the money had to be spent in 24 hours and she had to give back to the community in some way.

Accompanied by her 7-year-old daughter and nine bank workers, White bought 30,000 pounds of pet food, as well as toys and beds.  And that’s not all, she also covered the adoption fees for several shelter animals.

Heather Hayes, of the nearby Asheville Humane Society, told The Citizen-Times that she couldn’t be more thankful to White for her kindness and generosity.

“There was so much food, we didn’t even know where to store it.”

But, don’t worry, the food won’t go to waste because the Asheville Humane Society also donates pet food to families who have financial problems.

This woman’s story has inspired us all.  Even though very few have the means to give away such a large sum of money to shelter dogs, remember that every single donation helps save the lives of pooches who are less fortunate than our pets.

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