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Woman Wants To Marry Her Dog Following Her Feline Husband’s Death


Dominique Lesbirel is definitely an unusual woman. Like many, she is an avid animal lover, but she has taken her passion a step further – she was married to her cat Doerack for 16 years. Unfortunately, Doerack died from kidney failure – though his death devastated Dominique, she has now found new love. Her first husband was her cat, and her new love is her dog, Travis!

Dominique, who holds the website (the name says it all, really), says she has had Travis for years, and that she rescued him from the streets of Greece when he “stole her heart”. Travis was struck with a life-threatening virus, and Dominique, who is 41 years old, decided to take him in full time. They have been together ever since.

The upcoming marriage ceremony will be done through her website. Although most people are supportive of the concept, some have sent hate mail and even death threats to Dominique.

To quote her:

“They said I was promoting animal cruelty. Some even thought I was condoning bestiality, which was awful and certainly not the case.”

She claims that Travis has given her happiness and unconditional love and that she simply wishes to celebrate the bond.

Is Dominique a bit of a “looney” or does she have a point, what do you think?

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