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Woman Leaves $1.5 Million To Her Dog, Cuts Her Kids Out Of Will


Rose Ann Bolasny has decided to leave all her wealth to her pampered little Maltese Terrier dog called Bella Mia. In addition to inheriting her human mom’s trust fund and jewelry, Bella Mia will be the proud owner of a $1 million vacation house in New York. Bolasny has cut her own kids out of the will and plans to leave it all to the pooch so Bella Mia can enjoy her lifestyle after her human passes away.

The cute pooch is accustomed to the finest food, has her own bedroom and countless outfits, according to her website Hugs From Bella Mia.

“Bella Mia looks at fashion as a form of art and loves keeping up with the trends while adding her own flair. Her wardrobe is sometimes inspired by other divas like her. Bella Mia’s hot pink bikini and cover up were modeled after one worn by Jennifer Lopez, and at the Polo Matches you found her wearing the Julia Robert’s infamous Pretty Woman dress.

This array of fashion shows Bella Mia adores designer labels yet revels in vintage clothing, allowing her to stay true to her personal style. Between manicures, fittings and playing with her friends, Bella Mia’s sweet and attentive nature is the cornerstone of her personality and beauty. Always calm and gentle, Bella Mia’s true elegance radiates from the inside out, making her the genuine Snow White fashionista she is.”

Bolasny, who is a mother of two kids, says her sons don’t mind her decision and are actually happy for the dog.

“My children are grown and successful. They don’t need my money. They know how happy she has made my husband and me. We decided that we had given her such a lavish life that we wanted to make sure she’s still have what she was accustomed to when I was gone. Prior to [changing my will] I discussed having Bella Mia included in the trust fund with my sons and they totally understood.

I explained to them that I know they love Bella Mia very much but I wanted to make sure that if anything happens to us she was taken care in the way that she’s used to.  My sons at that point were not part of that house because it’s a recent purchase.”

Although it’s wonderful that she loves her dog and wants to make sure that she is taken care of in the event of her death, does a dog really need that much money? Instead of buying useless clothes to her pooch, Bolasny could have used her money to help rescues and other dogs in need. What do you think?

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