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Why Do Dogs Sometimes Eat Dirt?


Most dog owners are completely surprised to see their beloved dog eat dirt, but this weird phenomenon is totally common among our furry friends. However, that doesn’t mean that eating dirt is entirely safe. For example, many dogs turn to this strange activity when they have health problems that need to be adressed.

Here are three reasons why dogs eat dirt:

Mineral deficiency

Dogs usually eat dirt because they need more minerals in their standard diet. Read your dog’s food labels and compare the ingredients with a list of vitamins and minerals dogs need to consume on a regular basis. If you discover that the food is lacking in many important minerals, throw it away and choose a more balanced food for your pet. In general, your dog probably won’t eat dirt as long as they eat high quality food during their entire life.

Gastric Upset

Dogs also nibble at dirt when they have gastronitestinal problems. Basically, they want to get rid of something in ther stomach, and they turn to dirt. The offending food may include everything from plants to all sorts of human foods poisonous to dogs.

Minor Issues

Since dogs will be dogs, your pooch may look like they are eating dirt when they are in fact enjoying food that is hidden in the grass or on the ground. Remember that dogs can smell foog that is buried deep under the ground, and they desperately want to eat it. There’s no need to worry about this, as your pooch will not eat much dirt during their food hunt.

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