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When You Get A Cold Paw: Jealousy In Dogs


We have long treated our dogs like more than just pets. They have become our nearest and dearest friends and we continue to perceive them as our beloved family members.

Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that recent studies have been aimed at proving that dogs have emotions that are similar to human feelings.  

We all know that dogs can feel love and affection, but what about more complex human emotions? Research has shown that canines don’t feel embarrassed or guilty. However, a recent study proved that dogs can actually be jealous.

Study author and psychology Professor Christine Harris explained that dogs are envious in a primordial way – they are not troubled by jealousy like humans are. But, infants are capable of this instinctive jealousy when their mothers show affection to another baby.

“We can’t really speak to the dogs’ subjective experiences, of course. But it looks as though they were motivated to protect an important social relationship.”

When our furry friends are worried that they might be replaced by another dog, they are more likely to exhibit signs of aggression, attention-seeking behavior, and a heightened interest in their owners. So, jealousy in dogs might not be the green-eyed monster we are aware of, but if you perceive your dog is behaving strangely after you’ve shown some love to another dog – know that your beloved pet is afraid of losing you.

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