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What Can A Dog DNA Test Tell You About Your Dog?


All dogs have their unique traits and habits that make them so special and loveable. As soon as you welcome an adorable pooch into your home, you start learning about your new pet’s likes and dislikes and interpreting various forms of behavior that convey happiness, sadness, excitement, and fear.

However, since you and your pet do not speak the same language, there is still a whole world of information about his or her history, personality, and needs for you to discover. Fortunately, thanks to great advancements in science, you can learn all this through dog DNA testing, which is now becoming more available and affordable than ever. Here is what the best dog DNA tests can tell you about your best pal.

What Can A Dog DNA Test Tell You

Lab, Poodle, Labradoodle

Some dogs are purebred, others are delightful mixes of a number of different breeds. With a good dog DNA test, you can find out whether that elegant lady sleeping on a pillow at the bottom of your bed really is a 100% Miniature Poodle or 50% Miniature Poodle, 25% Bichon Frisé, 15% Coton De Tuléar, 7% Maltese, and 3% coyote.

Get To Know The Family

If your dog is purebred, dog DNA testing can help you explore your friend’s family tree and learn all about his/her parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. That way, you can find out where your pet’s ancestors came from, where some of them live now, whether they have won awards and prizes, and whether your dog is actually royalty in the canine world.

Fun-Loving Or Couch-Loving

Terriers love running. English Bulldogs are happy just lying around the house all day, taking naps and occasionally getting up to get a bite to eat. Labs love swimming and spending days with their humans at the beach. A Malinois may get extremely unhappy and frustrated if he/she stays at home for too long.

Basically, what we are trying to say is that dogs of different breeds enjoy different activities and different levels of activity. The results of a dog DNA test can tell you what your dog personally needs to stay happy. Maybe you should take longer walks or allow your dog to spend more time with one or two nice playmates. Maybe your dog would enjoy a form of exercise that you never thought of, like wall climbing or spring pole. A dog DNA test can let you know exactly what kind of activity would benefit your friend.

Staying Healthy

Finally, all dog owners primarily want for their friends to be perfectly healthy. Dog DNA tests can help you discover what genetic diseases your dog may suffer from at some point in his or her life. Once you know what kind of diseases and symptoms you should look out for, you can be prepared and ensure timely treatment, so your friend can successfully go through any health problems that may arise.

Thus, dog DNA tests can help you get to know your friend even better and make sure he or she lives a long and fulfilled life, trotting happily by your side.

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