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Walking Your Dog Without A Leash In L.A. Could Cost You $100!


No matter how well-behaved your pet might be, walking your dog without a leash could seriously lower your budget.

A pilot program, called Administrative Citation Enforcement, enables the Los Angeles Police Department and the Department of Animal Service to issues citations for minor offenses, known as “quality of life” crimes.

These quality of life issues include urinating in public, having dogs off leashes, dumping garbage in public streets, drinking in public, using fireworks and smoking in prohibited areas.

The Los Angeles City Council adopted this program Tuesday, but still requires final approval from Mayor Eric Garcetti before it can go into effect.

Under the new system, most first offenses would be $250, the second $500 and the third $1,000. Fines for animal-related offenses begin at $100, then increase to $250 and then $500.  However, officers will still have the option of giving a warning or pursuing criminal charges.

Councilman Paul Koretz, who proposed the program’s concept, said officers would now be willing to solve these problems in a more efficient way.

“The city just needs a little clout.  This is one of the most frequent complaints we get: that the city doesn’t enforce its regulation — and it’s true.”

The program is expected to generate $1.59 million in net revenue annually.

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Doggy News

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