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Useful Tips For Travelling With Your Dog


Veterinarian Heather Loenser recently adopted a year-old Border collie named Calvin and wanted to share some of her top travel tips and tricks so your dog would really enjoy your trip together.

“As a new dog in our house, Calvin is experiencing some separation anxiety, so we don’t want to board him or leave him with a pet sitter. Even though he suffers from car sickness, when the family goes on vacation, Calvin comes with us.”

When it comes to trips, primarily consider car safety. It is important to know that it is illegal in some states for dogs to ride unrestrained in a vehicle.

Once you arrive at your destination, make sure that your dog behaves well and that they are not bothering any other guests. Although you adore your pet, not all people are dog persons.

Since it’s always better to be safe than sorry, download the American Red Cross’ mobile app. It contains veterinary advice, interactive features and a locator for American Animal Hospital Association-accredited hospitals across the United States.

It is also advisable not to change your dog’s diet. You never know how your dog will react to different foods so it’s better to experiment while you’re at home.

Finally, consult your veterinarian and ask them anything you need to know before travelling with Fido.

“When you think about it, taking your dog along on vacation can be less expensive than paying for a kennel or dog sitter. That leaves more to spend on fun activities to enjoy with your dog.”

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