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Twitter Saves The Day: Jason Biggs Finds Lost Dog Gina


Reunited. THANK YOU ALL for your help. Please note she’s now wearing her tags 🙂

A photo posted by Jason Biggs (@biggsjason) on

Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen took to Twitter to find their lost dog Gina Friday, and luckily, the couple has been reunited with their loving pet, thanks to social media.

Biggs, who starred in American Pie and plays Larry Bloom in Orange is the New Black, first asked his followers to help him find Gina who disappeared on Halloween.

‘’Guys- please please pleas help and RT- our dog Gina got out- Benedict Canyon in BH. Please big reward- please RT thx’’

Then his wife, Jenny Mollen, author of I Like You Just The Way I Am and actress on the show Angel, asked the Twitter community to assist them in locating Gina.

‘’LOST!Please tweet @JasonBiggs or myself if you hv seen GINA. She was last seen three hours ago on Benedict Canyon’’

Biggs didn’t stop there. He gave information regarding Gina’s last known location and her Halloween costume. The actor mentioned that his dog was microchipped, but without a collar.

After a few hours, Biggs informed his followers that he and his wife found their dog.


‘’Could NOT have done it without you guys. An amazing woman picked her up in the street, and you guys ended up forwarding the message 2 her.’’

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