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Top 21 Homemade Toys For Dogs


If you’re a proud dog owner, then you surely know that dog toys are essential to keeping your pooch entertained and happy throughout the day. Sure, they love nothing more than to play with you, but at certain points you will simply have to deal with other pressing matters while your pet is giving you the sad eyes for not being able to spend time with them. That’s where dog toys become your trusted allies and get this – they don’t necessarily have to be expensive and branded.

If you really want to surprise your furry friend, here are 21 best toys you can make for your dog from things lying around your house:

1. Water bottle in a sock

Dogs simply love to munch on something, every day, the whole day. And you wouldn’t be the first owner in the world to notice that your dog often chews on water bottles when you’re not looking, and then growls and won’t let go of the bottle when you try to take it away. This happens because a water bottle has a form but can easily be shaped into another form. Throw your dog a bottle that has some water in it, and they will be entertained for hours, which is a good solution if you can withstand the constant crunchy sound.

You don’t want your dog to end up with some plastic in their stomach, though, as it can trigger some serious digestion problems, so make it even safer for your beloved pet by putting the bottle in an old sock you no longer need. It won’t damage their teeth and the softness will make them want to gnaw the wrapped bottle until they completely rip it apart (which will take a lot of time, don’t worry). Another cool feature of water bottles is that you can play fetch with them. They are rather aerodynamic, can bounce around if you remove the cap, and they make a loud noise when you throw them somewhere, meaning your dog will easily find the bottle and bring it back.

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