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Top 21 Agility Dog Breeds


Some people like their dogs not just for cuddle time or their adorable looks, but rather for the sake of competition – and nowadays, dogs can compete in pretty much anything. One of those things is agility: how fast they can run through tunnels, jump over obstacles and hop large distances. If you’re looking for a breed that you can bring to an agility competition, you might consider adopting one of these 21 breeds:

1. Shetland Sheepdog

The Shetland sheepdog (also known as the Sheltie) is the favorite of many dog owners due to the fact that they make amazing agility dogs. They are pretty much the walking paradox of the canine world since there are few breeds that can go from a full-on crazy drive to calm, shy and introverted companions within seconds.

Be sure to study their breeding lines if you want to adopt one, though! They have thick coats and require regular and thorough grooming.

Also, if you don’t like barking, do not, we repeat, do not get a Sheltie – they were originally bred in the Shetland Islands to herd livestock by barking at them, so these beautiful dogs really know how to let their voices out. They excel at agility courses because of their athletic build and high-energy drive, which make them fabulous choices for people who want to put their pet pooches up for competition.

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