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Top 15 Foods that You and Your Dog Can Share


2. Carrots

While other veggies and fruits are discussed here in other sections, carrots deserve their own consideration because of their unique value to dogs.

A general discussion of the benefits of carrots tells us they are:

  • A superb source of antioxidants and phytonutrients, both good for the heart and thought to help the body fight cancer
  • The optimal source of beta-carotene, a precursor to Vitamin A. Everyone knows from childhood this is good for vision. However, few realize it also helps fight macular degeneration in both humans and dogs
  • Believed to be useful in regulating blood sugar level
  • A good tool for weight management

Just as doctors recommend carrots as snacks for children and adults, vets at the Veterinarian section of Answers state carrots are an excellent snack and training treat for dogs. Just as with humans, obesity is a common problem with many dogs in American households. Unfortunately, dogs have no instinct related to dieting and most will simply eat whatever is made available.

Carrots can serve as an effective tool in managing a dog’s weight by using it as a replacement food for some or all meals. While most dogs readily eat raw carrots, they can be cooked and or run through the food processor and mixed in with either dry or canned commercial dog food.

As an example, replacing a third of the normal allowance of dog food with carrots will provide real weight control benefits while meeting the dog’s dietary needs.

Additionally, raw carrots are a great asset to managing a dog’s breath and oral hygiene. They naturally clean the teeth while the dog chew them and polishes the surfaces, removing particles of food that could cause odors.
Carrots are also one of the best treats that can be used for rewards and training, and the more a dog favors carrots as a preferred food, the more it will benefit from it.

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