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Tillie The Dog Rewarded By Governor Of Washington


This Thursday, we got a chance to honor a four-legged, red-furred Washingtonian of the Day, and it’s Tillie, an Irish setter-spaniel mix. Tillie was rewarded for her feat of honor when she helped rescuers find her canine friend Phoebe. The two, who rarely leave their property one without the other, went missing for about a week last month. They ended up in a ravine, and Phoebe ended up trapped in a cistern.

Tillie wasted no time and immediately tried to alert somebody about what had happened. She kept running outside and back to the cistern repeatedly, hoping that somebody would notice. Eventually, the Vashon Island Pet Protectors volunteer organization was alerted, and Amy Carey responded to the call. She found Phoebe, stranded in the cistern on some rubble, just a few feet down. Although this would’ve been easy for anybody to climb out of, Bassets have stubby legs – too stubby for some occasions.

Tillie and Phoebe got a good shampoo wash and a whole lot of trimming before making their way into governor Jay Inslee’s office, with its serious atmosphere and expensive furniture. They even got to walk around Capitol Lake!

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Doggy News

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