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Three Puppies Saved From Garbage Bag


Three cute terrier puppies were saved by a dog that was taking a walk in the park with his owners. This took place in Australia, in the Contra Costa County area. A couple was taking a walk in the Paso Nogal Park in Easy Bay. It was just a regular stroll that they were taking with their dog – a stroll that they probably take every day.

But something happened that usually does not. Their dog wandered off from them and started investigating a nearby garbage can. The owners noticed that the dog was intrigued by something there and they went to see what was going on. What they found was three cute puppies, only five weeks old. The puppies were tied up in a garbage bag and left by the side of the garbage can.

The couple took the puppies back home and cared for them that day. They gave the puppies all baths and fed them well. The next day, the couple contacted Contra Costa Animal Services and gave them the puppies to take care of, and hopefully find a home for them.

According to an official from Animal Services, animal abandonment is a serious issue in this county, but it’s usually never as cruel as this case, in which the puppies were thrown into a bag and left for dead.

The puppies will probably be given to someone for foster care before the county animal shelter tries to find permanent homes for all of them.

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Doggy News

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