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This Is How You Find Homes For Abandoned Pets


A pet store in Brazil did an amazing thing in order to find homes for shelter pets. Instead of putting purebred dogs on display, they decided to exhibit shelter pooches in order to show that all animals deserve our love and affection. Ironically, customers weren’t even aware that the dogs were shelter pets and they wouldn’t have known the difference if the store workers hadn’t informed them.

On the other hand, all the furry friends were adopted and taken to their new homes.

Like so many countries in the world, Brazil also has a serious problem with abandoned and stray animals. Locals are willing to pay lots of money for purebred pets rather than adopt homeless animals. It is for this reason that the pet shop, along with an animal organization called Four Paws, came up with the idea to show people that shelter pets are, in fact, no different from pedigreed dogs, and that they too need loving families to take care of them. And the successful experiment proved that Brazilians would adopt shelter pets from pet stores.

The main problem with shelters is that people are reluctant to visit them; moreover, some folks really believe that mixed breed pups are worthless and undeserving of ownership. However, the pet shop easily showed that these stereotypes could be debunked in no time.

The experiment was caught on camera and has since gone viral in Brazil and across the globe.

Adopt, don’t shop.

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