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This Dog Looks Just Like The Infamous Adolf


Meet Adolf, the tiny Chihuahua puppy who is a canine doppelganger of the infamous Nazi German Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler.

With a patch that looks like Hitler’s hairdoo and an itsy bitsy moustache, the eight-week-old pup bears such a resemblance to Hitler that he was named after the notorious dictator of Nazi Germany.

However, his owner, Claire Walsh from Gorseinon, Swansea, thinks her little sleepyhead is a real beauty.

“I put photos of them on Facebook, and some of my colleagues and other people started commenting about him. Everyone says he resembles an infamous World War Two leader. He looks like he’s got a side parting, and there is a little mark on his nose which has gone black. We have called him Adolf – although obviously, it is just tongue in cheek. We don’t have any time for what Hitler stands for, but we can see there is a resemblance.”

Even though Claire’s son Zak has become very attached to the Chihuahua, the family is currently looking for a forever home for the young Adolf and his brothers and sisters.

“Zak loves him. He is the cheekiest in the litter, and is full of character. One of the pubs has already gone, but we are still looking to find homes for the others. I bred the puppies myself, and have been looking to sell them.”

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