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This Adorable Fox Thinks It’s A Dog


Adopted by Emma D’Sylva when he was just four-months-old, Todd is no ordinary dog. In fact, he’s no dog at all. The sweet fox was rescued when he was a cub and subsequently raised as a domestic pet (or should we say dog), along with D’Sylva’s two pooches. Since he spent so much time with his furry friends, 11-month-old Todd is certain that he is also a dog.

The cute fox sleeps in a kennel in his very own enclosure, plays with dog toys and most adorably, even wags his tail when he’s eating.

Here’s how Emma describes life with her unusual best friend:

“Todd has been captive-bred so he has never been in the wild. I get people coming over to me asking if he is a fox and if they can stroke him. He has a really strong bond with me and he will walk on a lead. He is very playful with me. He will run up to me wagging his tail when I go to feed him and he will roll over to have his belly tickled. He will come into the house but he has got a purpose built enclosure and he much prefers being outside.

We got him a little plastic kennel in his enclosure with blankets which is similar to a dog bed. He tries to do what the dogs do but I can’t let him off the lead because he’s deaf so I can’t shout him to come back. At first he was bonkers but he is getting more used to being in the company of other people now. If people or dogs come up to him in the park he will lie down at first and freeze but after a few seconds he will sniff around the dogs or sit patiently.”


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Doggy News

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