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These Are The Three Most Unexpected Costs Of Owning A Dog


Adopting a dog is a wonderful and rewarding experience that comes with many benefits, but it can also be quite costly. Whether you choose to get your pet from a breeder or perhaps adopt the pooch, there will be unexpected costs. Aside from the basics like veterinary care, food and toys, here are some of the most overlooked expenses of owning a dog.

Getting The Pet Home

The first thing to consider is how far the breeder or adoption center is from your home.  If you don’t live nearby, you’ll have to transport the dog, and investing in a doggy crate and paying the airline fee alone can cost you a couple of hundred dollars.

Parasite Treatment And Vaccinations

Even though this is done at most shelters, some places don’t actually include these services, so make sure that you ask about parasite treatment and vaccinations before taking your pet home.

Breed-Specific Health Issues

It’s a fact that some breeds are more susceptible to certain health issues than others. These health problems include respiratory problems, kidney failure, cancer and many more. Veterinary bills are often costly, so you need to be certain that you are prepared to pay as much as needed to keep your pet healthy.

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