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There’s A Doggie Easter Egg Hunt And You’re Invited


If you happen to live in or near Davenport, Iowa, you and your dog are in for a treat Saturday, April 4th as there will be a Doggie Easter Egg Hunt organized at Fejervary Park in this city. It is a truly novel event and one that will make this Easter very special for all dog owners in the area.

Registration will start at 12.30 and the hunt is scheduled for 1. Canine hunters will be divided into two groups (small and large) and they will cross the line with their respective group. Of course, they will need to be on a leash.

The sponsors of the event and the treats that the dogs will be looking for are Moline, Nestle Purina and Loving Paws Bakery.

The entry fee is $10 and besides the egg hunt itself, it entails participation in the dogs’ bobbing for hot dogs and miscellaneous goodies that your canine companions can win. If you spend two more bucks, dogs in bonnets will have the chance to compete for the coveted Best in Show Bonnet prize. If you are a member of the Humane Society of Scott County, or if you become one on the day, you will not have to pay the extra $2 for the bonnet contest.

The proceeds of the event will benefit the Humane Society of Scott County Staff and its vounteers which care for homeless animals.

You can find the registration forms online at on the website’s Annual Events page and at the Humane Society of Scott County, 2802 West Central Park Avenue in Davenport.

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