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The Samoyed Takes Center Stage


The Samoyed is by far one of the most sought after breeds when it comes to adoption, thanks to their bubbly personality and of course, all the fluffiness (yes that is a professional term). Many people, when they first bring a beautiful jumpy Samoyed puppy home can’t believe how lucky they are to have found such a wonderful dog. Now, it is very true that these pooches are amazing companions and are incredibly loyal, but they do come with some baggage that should be taken into account.

This breed is medium sized, with a foxy face, curled tail and prick ears. Their coat is massive, they are not overly attentive, so chances are, if breakable things in your house are at your dog’s height, you will not have them a very long time.

Samoyeds originate from the coldest part of Russia, Siberia, where they were bred for herding and catching reindeer and sled pulling, so you better believe they adore cold weather.

The first thing you should take seriously into consideration is the climate you live in. If the summers are ridiculously hot there and it’s very humid throughout the year, DO NOT buy a Samoyed. The poor thing won’t be able to breathe in these conditions, not to mention the fact that he’s got layers and layers of coat to keep him warm. Just imagine you going out in the scorching sun with your full skiing equipment on. Not much fun, is it?

Also, Samoyeds have the need for activity in their genes, do not take this fact lightly. They need plenty of exercise and time spent outside, otherwise they will be bored, and you don’t want a bored Samoyed on your hands. Non-stop barking and destructive chewing are clear signs of excessive energy that your dog didn’t get to use throughout the day.

Samoyeds are very friendly as a breed, so you won’t get much of a watchdog. Their behavior varies from being completely ecstatic when they see you, to politely “smiling” when someone new joins your pack. They are not overly protective, so they are wonderful with children.

If you have other animals in the house, the Samoyed won’t have a problem with them either, but bear in mind that they have a strong chasing instinct. This means your doggy will most probably chase after everything that tries to run away from him. With that in mind, make sure to never leave him unsupervised on the street, because he will not stay put. Also, make sure to have a fence in your yard when letting your Samoyed out, otherwise he will simply wander away.

Don’t let the fluffiness and beautiful exterior fool you, unless trained properly and from an early age, Samoyeds can be quite strong-headed and set in their own ways. They do have an incredibly sweet disposition, but if they feel you are neglecting them, you will pay.  Their constant high-pitched barking will drive you mad, and if they choose to be mischievous, you are in for a ride. Fortunately, they are very smart and easily satisfied, so all you have to do is spend some time with them, take them out for a long walk (preferably in the cold weather) and by the time you get back, your Samoyed will be the embodiment of fluffy joy.

Speaking of the notorious fluffiness, it must be taken into account and seriously. As expected, they shed very, very, very much so your house will need to be vacuumed almost daily if you don’t want to live in your Samoyed’s hair. They need extensive grooming, so combing and brushing will become a part of your daily routine, along with the aforementioned vacuuming. This fact is what makes many owners actually give their up Samoyeds for adoption after some time, because they simply don’t have time for them.

Samoyeds are truly wonderful four-legged companions, they are sweet and completely devoted to their humans, and if you want a dog next to which your child can grow up with, the Samoyed is definitely one of your best choices. But before you take one into your home ask yourself whether or not you have enough time to spend with him, because they need it very much. Are you willing to invest a part of your life in exercising, grooming and training them?

If your answer is an undoubted yes, then a Samoyed will make a wonderful fluffy part of your family.

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