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The Pekingese Are Little Strong-Headed Wonders


It’s not easy to start speaking about the Pekingese seeing that so much has already been said about them. These royal dogs of China have never forgotten their heritage, which has over time resulted in an endearing case of Napoleon complex that so many people on the planed adore.

This toy breed is one of the most independent you will find. They live in their own world and they run it smoothly. If you are thinking about adopting aPekingese, you must have just as strong a will as they do and be prepared to make your authority known at all times, as these doggies will question it.

The Pekingese is the perfect apartment dog – they don’t acquire a lot of exercise and they love lying around the house quietly, but make no mistake, nothing escapes their big wandering eyes. They are not all calm and fluffiness, when they feel like it, they easily become excited and willing to play, but are not suited for young children, as these pooches usually lack the patience for them, not to mention that they are very possessive of their toys, and often their owners as well.

Even though they seem rather self-sufficient, these little bundles are actually sensitive and they like to cuddle and be next to their owners as much as it suits THEM, not you. When they need their space, they will show you loudly and clearly that that is the case. When it comes to training, the Pekingese are strangely intuitive and they don’t need a lot of training to feel what their owners want of them. If you decide that you want to train them on a more advanced level, you’ll be surprised as to how quickly they learn if you have the right approach. This means, don’t have longer training session because they bore them and they can quickly become obstinate and not interested. They also react well to praise training, and a bit of food goes a long way with these little ones. Just make sure that your pup uses up all the calories it gets from the treats, otherwise you risk having an overweight and grumpy Pekingese on your hands.

These dogs don’t react well to any form of scolding or hassling, and will turn into a toy equivalent of a mule if they feel they’re constantly being pushed into something they resent doing.

When it comes to grooming, it’s not surprising to say that this breed is a handful. Their coat comes in many color varieties, so you can take your pick, but they do shed heavily throughout the year and be sure you’re up for the never ending house cleaning. Their hair also needs constant brushing and cutting, otherwise it will become a mess, as it mats in matter of minutes. As they have short faces and skin creases on them, expect you will need to clean them regularly to avoid skin conditions.

Speaking of short faces, you better be prepared for a lot of Pekingese sounds if you decide to bring them into your home. Thanks to deviations in their nasal area, this breed, like so many other short faced ones snort, snore, slobber, sneeze and all in between. You can be sure for the house never to be quiet while this pooch is around, and don’t be surprised by their loud snoring, because it will wake you at night if you are a light sleeper. Along with the short face comes flatulence, as short-faced dogs gulp in a lot of air while eating and it does tend to come out in a very loud manor. Another important fact is they will need a longer period of crate training, up to six months.

When you walk them, be sure to get a Y-shaped harness instead of a standard dog leash that goes around their neck, because they have enough problems with the breathing as it is. Don’t walk them in warm or very humid weather, because you risk giving them a heatstroke, seeing they can’t breathe properly and can’t get enough oxygen to sustain them while they run around in the sun. Keep them in cool spaces over summer days and maybe walk them by night.

Health problems with the Pekingese are numerous, as their stature is the result of many generations of bad breeding practices. Some of the health conditions they are most troubled with are connected to their eyes and their joints, as well as different skin problems.

The Pekingese are lovely apartment pets, they’re independent but still loving and loyal, and if you can deal with their temper, you will have a wonderful pet by your side.

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