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The Most And Least Expensive Cities To Live With A Dog


Almost 40% of American households are proud dog owners, and it’s not surprising that people spend a lot of money on their furry friends. Taking care of a beloved animal isn’t cheap, and now it seems that the place where you live also determines the amount of money you need to have a pooch.

Redfin, Trupanion, and examined the prices of dog sitting and care, as well as the cost of healthcare and dog-friendly rentals in order to find out how expensive it is to be a dog owner in 116 major cities in the States.

These are the most expensive cities to have a dog:

San Francisco, California

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Aurora, Colorado

Portland, Oregon

Chula Vista, California

The least expensive:

Phoenix, Arizona

The Woodlands, Texas

Nashville, Tennessee

Detroit, Michigan

Fayetteville, North Carolina

Veterinary and other healthcare costs are expectedly the most expensive factor, according to Redfin. Here’s what they said about the analysis:

“And though the cost of living is a large factor in the general cost of veterinary care for a city, we found that cities that have high housing costs don’t equate to high veterinary costs. The cost of medical coverage in the most expensive cities to own a dog ranges from $38.81 in Fresno, Calif. to $46.74 in San Francisco. For those cities that are considered less expensive, medical coverage ranges from $52.11 in Scottsdale, Ariz. to $36.84 in Philadelphia.”

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