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The Heartbreaking Warning Story Of Chola The Dog Who Was Abused With Fireworks


Only a few days after Christmas, inexplicably cruel animal abusers tortured and attempted to kill an abandoned, pregnant dog named Chola.  The abusers first taped the dog’s mouth shut with fireworks and then ignited it. Luckily, the poor pooch survived, but suffered many injuries, including a broken jaw and severe burns inside the mouth. Also, she may lose her litter of pups.

According to Mail Online, veterinarian Miguel Davila believes Chola had been a bait dog in dogfights who was left to die after becoming pregnant.

“She was very badly hurt. It looks as if she may survive now but will no longer be able to have a life on the street and may well still lose the puppies. Many of her injuries, such as a torn ear, are old ones. We believe she was used as bait in dogfights but then became no use when she got pregnant.”

Rebecca Reyes, Animal Protection Association director, says Chola is in a very bad state.

“We have given her a name, called Chola, but to be honest we are avoiding as much contact with her as possible as she is extremely nervous of anybody that she doesn’t know well. She cannot swallow any food because her palate was burnt badly together with her tongue and so we have to feed her baby food liquidized. She also needs painkillers constantly and unless is tranquillized does not allow herself to be examined.”

We all know the dangers of fireworks, but we advise you to take the necessary precautions before the New Year’s celebration and make sure your pup is safe. A lot of dogs run away from home every year and never come back.

Also, if you see someone hurting an animal, don’t hesitate to call your local authorities – to dogs like Chola, one phone call makes the difference between life and death.

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