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The First On-Demand Dog Walking App


Now, this is something that you truly do need if you’re a busy person.

A startup that connects pet owners and dog walkers with a mobile app, Wag!, formerly operated only in Los Angeles. Recently, however, they opened their business in the San Francisco’ bay area as well.

Using Wag!, dog owners can schedule walks. In addition, owners can keep track of their pup via a gps tracking feature. In the app, a 30 minute walk costs $20.

Here’s what Wag! has to say about itself, according to its website:

“Wag! co-founder and CEO Joshua Viner missed his childhood pet, a Shetland Sheepdog named Brittany. Given his busy schedule as a tech entrepreneur in LA, Joshua was worried about committing to a dog of his own and his family and friends convinced him that it wouldn’t be fair. The more he thought about it, though, the more passionate he became about making dog ownership easier for busy people like him.

Using his background in building consumer tech companies and scaling them to millions of users, Josh founded Wag! with the mission to make it easier to own a dog. Wag’s goal is to be your dog’s button on your phone.

Josh connected with Jason Meltzer, Wag!’s co-founder and Chief Dog Officer, and the founder of Surfdog LA, one of Los Angeles’ best loved dog walking services. And the rest is . . . Wag!

Wag has launched their walking service in LA and San Francisco, with other major cities to follow.

With so many apps to help make our lives easier it’s about time that our furry loved ones have an app for themselves on our phones!”

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