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The Craziest Myths About Dogs


Since dogs were first domesticated, there have been numerous dog myths that have no scientific backing whatsoever and the majority of them have fortunately been rooted out. However, we can still come across ridiculous claims about dogs, their behavior, their diet and so on. Here’s a list of several absurd claims that are still somewhat present in our society:

Indoor Dogs Are Safe From Heartworms

Not true. Heartworms are parasites that attack the dog’s lung arteries and heart and are known to attack other mammals such as ferrets, foxes, and sea lions. They are commonly spread through mosquito bites, which means that if a mosquito can in any way enter your household, your dogs are not 100 percent protected from heartworms. Be sure to check your pets for parasites regularly, no matter whether they live indoors or outdoors. Parasites are not something to play with.

Safely Reduce Waste By Giving Leftovers To Your Dog

Dogs originally started living around humans because of food, that is our tendency to produce too much of it. By giving them our leftovers, we managed to tame them and that is what’s been keeping them around. However, this doesn’t mean that you should carelessly give all of your table scraps to your dog, they aren’t your garbage bin.

Small, fragile bones such as fish bones can cause real damage to your dog’s internal organs and there are certain foods that are high in fat and sugar that their stomachs won’t be able to digest that well, which can lead to stomach problems. It’s generally fine to feed table scraps to your dog occasionally, but their primary diet should really consist of a chosen brand of dog food, for both health and simplicity’s sake.

Leaving A Dog In A Car Is Okay If You Lower The Windows

No. Don’t do this, ever. Even with ventilation, the temperature inside your vehicle can rise to levels that your dog might not be able to take, especially for longer periods of time. Never forget that unlike us, most dogs have a pretty hefty amount of fur on their bodies and they don’t have the ability to regulate bodily temperature through sweating as humans do. It’s much harder for them to cool off, so don’t risk it. In some states, it’s even illegal to leave your dog in a vehicle unsupervised.

A Dog’s Mouth Is Cleaner Than Our Own

We don’t know how someone could have come up with this one, seriously. This myth is probably derived from the fact that most naturally occurring germs in your dog’s mouth are dog specific and pretty harmless to humans. 2However, this does not include anything else your pooch might’ve gobbled up that day and we’re pretty sure everyone knows that dogs eat a lot of weird stuff. It’s even recommended that you brush your dog’s teeth from time to time in order to prevent the buildup of excess, potentially harmful bacteria.

Dogs Are Colorblind

Well, sort of. Dogs do not see the majority of colors that we’re able to see, but that doesn’t mean that their vision is black and white. In fact, studies have shown that dogs can see several colors, including blue, yellow, green and gray.

Dog Years = Human Years Times Seven

This is a very outdated method and offers only a rough estimate of your pooch’s age. Dogs become fertile and sexually active by the time they’re one, which would then mean that humans can reproduce at 7 years of age. Rather, dogs enter their “teenage” years by the time they’re one and then their aging follows a not-so-linear pattern. At age 2, they’re 24 in human years, at age 3 they’re a 28 and for example, at age 18, they would be the human equivalent of 88 years old instead of 126 as this outdated formula would suggest.

You Don’t Need To Walk Your Dog If You Have A Backyard

Again, as false as it can get. While it’s a huge advantage to have a backyard if you have a dog, there’s no real substitute for a good walk. Not only do dogs exert themselves much more during a walk than by just walking around the backyard, it also gives your dog a chance to interact with their environment, other dogs and humans. If you care about your dog, no matter the circumstances, a walk at least twice a week is a must.

Having a dog is a big responsibility and you really shouldn’t take the advice of anyone who isn’t a professional. Online vet services are a thing now, so you don’t even have to leave your home to get some professional advice about your pooch.

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