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The Clooneys Adopt Another Rescue Dog


George Clooney is well-known as a huge softy for dogs and he’s already adopted/rescued more than his fair share of dogs. Now, there seems to be another canine addition to the Clooney family, as he and his wife Amal have again decided to offer their home to a pooch down on his luck.

Only two months ago, the couple saved a dog that was found outside a restaurant in California begging for scraps of food. Their two dogs are now getting a new companion. Nate was born with extreme physical disabilities and was fortunate enough to be rescued along with 21 other pooches from Ohio, where he was kept in a hoarder’s home. According to the LuvFurMutts Animal Rescue Facebook page, the dog had “a barrel chest and a leg that swayed. He walked like a hyena.”

Many people thought of adopting this unfortunate pooch but because of the state he was in, none of them went through with it in the end. One person even went as far as to say she would be “depressed the rest of her life if she had to look at him every day.” Fortunately, the Clooneys came to the rescue. Carol Roberts (in charge of LuvFurMutts) says that she got a call from a woman who introduced herself as “Angel,” claiming to be the actor’s personal assistant. George and Amal elaborated that, after seeing photos and videos of Nate, they decided that the pooch was a perfect Christmas gift for George’s parents, especially because their pet terrier had recently passed away.

George even organized a surprise for his parents and had Roberts deliver the pooch to their home in Kentucky on December 24th. The introductions were more than emotional, as reports claim that Clooney’s mother Nina shed tears when she held Nate in her arms for the first time. Apart from the adoption itself, Clooney made a generous donation to LuvFurMutts which “covered more than Nate’s previous surgery expenses,” LuvFurMutts posted on their Facebook page.

In order not to disturb their holidays, LuvFurMutts agreed to keep the whole endeavor private until now, which is why they waited a month to publicly thank the family. God bless the Clooneys and their generosity!

Hollywood Icon George Clooney Comes to LuvFurMutts

He Does Not Shop/He Adopts

Nate the Terrier’s Redemption…

Posted by LuvFurMutts Animal Rescue on Thursday, January 21, 2016

No new pics on Nate, but we did want to share an update. (This picture was taken right after the surgery).

We think…

Posted by LuvFurMutts Animal Rescue on Wednesday, December 16, 2015

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