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Surprise Your Dog With These 10 Christmas Treats


153148491A lot of Christmas foods are toxic to dogs, but we don’t want our furry friends to be left out the most joyous time of the year.
Here are ten amazing cookie recipes that your dog will simply adore:

1. Peanut butter pumpkin dog treats are the perfect biscuits for your dog. Give them homemade treats from and watch them enjoy these delicious cookies.

2. Apple mint holiday dog treats are adorable mini bones that can be green or red in color.

3. Christmas candy cane treats are super delicious and easy to make. Your pooch will be thankful for this fantastic treat.

4. Sweet potato dog biscuits are another recipe from MyBakingAddiction that will leave your pooch begging for more. This classic holiday treat is also a perfect gift for Buddy.

5. Christmas carob mint cookies look super tasty, but unfortunately humans aren’t allowed to eat them. This perfect recipe from will sweep your pup off their feet.

6. Peppermint holidog treat is a cookie your pooch will never forget thanks to a yummy recipe from In addition to being as tasty as it gets, this treat will help pups with bad breath.

7. Dog Christmas cake is a must-have this year. This extraordinary recipe from will make your dog the happiest pooch alive. Christmas just doesn’t get any better than this.

8. Apple carrot dog treats are every dog’s favorite treat and they help you maintain their weight. Yup, it’s delicious and your pup won’t gain extra pounds. Again,, thank you very, very much.

9. Canine cranberry cookies are holistic treats for your furry friend that are full of healthy ingredients. You can find the recipe at

10. Minnie’s carob-chip cookies are the last on our list, but be certain that your dog will fall in love with them at first bite. This perfect recipe comes from

Choose the ideal recipe for your pooch and watch them enjoy their outstanding Christmas cookies.

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