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Starting a Dog Walking Club

1.Determine a Schedule
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You may or may not have heard of dog walking clubs. Basically, these clubs are just as their name implies – groups of dogs being walked together. One of the best reasons to walk your dog in a group is because it adds a vital aspect of socialization for not only your dog but you as well when you all go your walks. If you happen to be interested in starting your own dog walking club, there are few tips that you should follow. By following these tips, you can rest assured that your dog walking group will be a success.

Determine a Schedule

If you want to start a club, then you, of course, need to set a time and date as to when you want to meet. At first, your club may start out small, so it’ll be no problem scheduling a time that everyone can meet. As your club grows, though, time conflicts will likely arise. If this happens, you may want to consider setting up several times a month that your club meets and walks the dogs. In doing this, everyone is provided a chance to be involved.

Choose Where You Want to Walk the Dogs

This can be quite tricky, especially if you live in a small town that doesn’t have a park where you can bring your pets. Never choose a location you don’t know to walk the dogs there. Sometimes, you may have to settle with walking the dogs on a large farm or in an open field that one of your members own.

Limit the Number of Dogs

If you’re club is going to meet in a park and walk the dogs, you may want to limit the number of dogs to about 20. If there are too many dogs, you run the risk of aggravating other people at the park. You also increase the chances of the dogs fighting.

Always Include a Few Dogless Walkers

You should always have a few people in your group who walk along with you and the dogs, yet they don’t have dogs to walk themselves. Dogless walkers will go a long way at ensuring the success of your dog walking club. It is these people who can answer questions asked by other people who aren’t in the group. Essentially, dogless walkers allow the dog walkers to focus on their dogs, which adds extra safety to the walks.

Bring Along Lots of Equipment

From leashes to poo bags to extra harnesses, you should always have plenty of equipment on hand at any given time. You may even want to do some type of fundraiser to acquire money so that your club can buy the equipment that you’ll need for each of your walks.

Determine Your Own Specifics

You may have some specifics that you want to implement, such as your dog walking group being made up of only a certain breed of dogs. If so, you need to determine these specifics before creating your dog walking club. Remember, it’s your club, so you can choose the rules.

Creating a dog walking club is very fun. Once things get smoothed out and your club grows and starts meeting regularly, you’ll immediately understand why so many people are starting their own dog walking clubs across the nation. From socialization benefits to health advantages, dog walking clubs are great all the way around.

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