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Shaggy The Wandering Dog Is Finally Caught And Treated


After being missing for almost eight months, Shaggy the wandering Newfoundland dog, has finally been retrieved.

Ella Stubbert posted an image on Thursday, March 5th on the Help Shaggy Facebook page, showing the mischievous pooch wrapped in a blanket. To make sure he wouldn’t run away again, they put him in a cage in the back of a vehicle.

Here’s what Stubbert wrote:

“Shaggy is bundled up and heading to start his new life! Finally the collar is off and he no longer has to spend another night out in the cold.”

Concerned neighbors were worried that the collar, which Shaggy has been wearing since puppyhood, could now hurt or even strangle the adult dog. Kim Stubbert, who was able to become friends with Shaggy by spending quality time with him and feeding him in her garage, managed to put a slip lead leash around him on Thursday.

Melissa Zudweg Borden, who runs an animal rehabilitation center near Monroe said the frightened dog is on his way to a veterinarian and will be treated at the Devoted Barn rescue and rehabilitation facility in Newport, Mich.

After receiving the best possible care, Shaggy will be placed in a feral dog rehabilitation program at the Devoted Barn. Borden says that the program lasts from six months to one year – basically, as long as it takes to prepare a feral dog for adoption.

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Doggy News

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