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Service Dog Reunited With Owner After Nine Months


Losing your pet dog is never easy – especially if your dog is more than just a pet but also a loyal companion and a therapy dog. Alexandra Melnick, an ex-marine who was deployed to Afghanistan’s Helmand Province in 2011 bought Kai the German shepherd when he was a 12-month old puppy.

She trained him to wake her when she had nightmares, to help with her insomnia and to serve as a boundary protector. All of these issues stem from an accident during her time spent in Afghanistan which left her with a traumatic brain injury, resulting in a post-traumatic stress disorder.

Kai went missing from Melnick’s backyard the morning after Thanksgiving, and she has been looking for the lost dog ever since. She even told her story to local media and set up a Facebook page, which would later prove to be paramount in her successful search for Kai. Detectives found Kai on September 2nd and claim that an investigation is under way, as there is suspicion the dog was stolen.

A hearing is due for Wednesday in Texas to determine Melnick’s ownership over Kai. She has refused to comment until the hearing finishes, adding:

Kai is in very poor health, and that’s my first concern.

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Doggy News

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