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Saving Farmed Dogs From Korea


What we’re dealing with here is a serious clash in cultures and insuperable differences. The West considers Korea’s (and other Asian places) tradition of eating dogs  barbaric, while the Asians accuse the Westerners of hypocrisy, claiming they are no different than sheep, cows, or chickens. The West cannot accept this tradition and probably won’t be able to any time soon, but on the other hand, radical changes could threaten the livelihoods of many people who make a living off farming dogs.

It is an endless conflict, really, and it’s very hard to pick a side as a neutral observer, when all factors are taken into account. This week, however, we have some good news, as a number of opponents have come to an agreement that suits all. A farmer will free more than 100 of his dogs, and in return campaigners from the Humane society International and the Change For Animals Foundation will reimburse him and offer him plans for a different kind of business.

The dogs were vaccinated and will be flown to new homes in California this week. Now we can only hope that there are more amicable agreements like this one, and that the lives of many other dogs can be saved, without financially destroying entire families in Asia.

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Doggy News

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