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Protesters Hang 250kg Of Dog Poo On A Statue


Today, we are hopping across the Atlantic to show you how upset locals can get and what they are willing to do when things don’t go their way.

Residents of the small central German town of Einbeck just couldn’t take it anymore. They were tired of constantly seeing dog poop everywhere and no one picking up after their dogs. So, they decided to protest.

One protester, Martin Keil, explained what happened:

“It wasn’t easy. We collected about 250 kilograms of dog crap from parks and paths. He explained that they were driven to the dirty task after becoming fed up with having to side-step the stinky stuff every time they left their houses,” according to one protester.

“On Easter Saturday at about four in the morning we hung the bag up. By eight they had taken it back down.”

The protesters chose the statue because it depicts Till Eulenspigel, a well-known jester in German folklore.

“Like the jester, we wanted to hold up a mirror to society.”

The statue was particularly suitable for the protest because the jester has a dog by his side.

A sign around his neck reads “As a dog owner, I say ‘that is shit’”.

In 2012, after local authorities removed public rubbish bins from the city center, dog owners simply left bags filled with their companions’ business where the bins had once been in protest.

But a spokesperson for the town authorities placed the blame at the feet of dog owners.

There are enough disposal places for the dog mess, said Arnd Severidt.

“When the authorities are around dog owners takes out their bag and scoop up the poo. But when we’re not there they don’t really bother.”


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