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Protect Your Dog From Canine Flu


A canine flu epidemic has hit the US, and an increasing amount of dogs have been diagnosed with the illness. Unfortunately, five dogs have died from the strain that is new to America, and especially to the Midwest region. When it comes to what you should watch out for in your dog, if you notice a loss of appetite, sneezing or coughing, contact your veterinarian immediately.

According to WTHR Chicago:

“The dog flu was first diagnosed in the past ten years or so. It’s been pretty rare, but Chicago is seeing near-epidemic levels of the illness in dogs today. Officials have closed dog parks, and kennels are disinfecting. It’s not an illness that can be passed from people to dog or vice versa, but it is easily spread from dog to dog, so it’s best to look for the signs, according to Dr. Sandy Norman with the Indiana State Board of Animal Health.”

Indiana State Board of Animal Health Doctor, Sandy Norman, told WTHR:

“Dogs exhibit many symptoms like we do, which are fever, cough, nasal, sneezing, not wanting to eat. So very much like we do when we have influenza, some of those same signs.”

The sad facts are that about 10 to 15 cases are reported each day in Chicago. The virus may also be heading on over to Wisconsin. However, it appears to be in fact originating from Chicago because all of the infected dogs in that state have had some sort of a connection to the Windy City.

If you live in the Chicago are, or anywhere in Indiana or the surrounding states, please keep an eye on your dog. Go outside as little as possible at least until this whole thing blows over. Hopefully, no more dogs will die.

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