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Police Arrest The Thieves Of Texas Teacup Dogs


Police have apprehended two suspects who are thought to have had a connection with the theft of a dozen dogs taken from a breeders facility called “Texas Teacups” last weekend. On Saturday, someone broke through one of the windows of the facility and stole twelve dogs in total, among which were Maltipoos, Daisy pups, Chihuahuas and more.

The stolen dogs’ estimated worth is $75,000. The sales manager for the company Shelley Redmon claims that their eyes were constantly on Craigslist, looking for anything that might look familiar. And it turns out they were right to do so. They were lucky enough to find listings for teacup pups on sale in their area for several hundred dollars, and the people who were selling the dogs actually used the pictures from the Texas Teacups website.

Redmon later contacted the seller pretending to be a buyer, and the two agreed to meet at a Taco Bueno near Military Parkway in Mesquite. When the suspects showed up, police were waiting for them and immediately detained them. Four of the dogs were recovered right away from the trunk of the suspects’ car, and another four were later found by police. Unfortunately, four of the remaining dogs are missing.

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Doggy News

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