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Only In China Can A Cat Give Birth To A Dog


A Chinese dog owner was perplexed when he witnessed his cat allegedly giving birth to a Chihuahua, reports People’s Daily Online.

In fact, Jia Weinuan claims he was the one who delivered the tiny Chihuahua from his pregnant cat and that the unique offspring is not the result of interbreeding. The confused man has other pets, but all his dogs are female and none of them is a Chihuahua.

Moreover, Weinuan is certain that his beloved three-year-old American Shorthair named Niuniu would never do anything stupid behind his back, or as he says she “would never ‘do bad things without us knowing.”

He also points out that Niuniu rarely leaves the house so ”she would not be meeting with strange dogs outside.”

When it comes to cat heartbreakers, Jia has a male Thai breed called Dongman, but the little rascal is not the father of the bizarre litter. The proud daddy is actually another Shorthair whose owner is also baffled by the weird ‘kitten’ – he was present at birth and cut the umbilical cord himself.

It seems that no one can understand where the mystery pup came from, including Jia’s friends and family.

The Chihuahua was the first to be born in the litter. This is the fifth time that the mother cat has given birth.

Jia concludes his strange story by saying that he didn’t notice how the animal looked when it came to this world because he was too busy delivering its brothers and sisters.


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