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Mother Dog Refuses To Leave Graveyard After Burying Her Puppy


A devastated stray dog in Georgia sat in a cemetery for days and refused to abandon her dead pup’s side. Temperatures dropped below zero, but she wouldn’t leave her puppy as she continued to mourn. No one would have noticed her if it wasn’t for Hunter Cone, a 15-year-old photographer, who was taking pictures in Savannah’s Laurel Grove North Cemetery on Tuesday.

The kind-hearted teenager saw the Golden Retriever standing by the body of her deceased puppy and immediately knew that he had to do something about it. He and his mother tried to feed the pooch, but she wouldn’t allow them to come near her. She wasn’t aggressive, though. The poor dog mommy was simply watching over her young one.

However, the boy was determined to help the Retriever. He returned to the graveyard with a group of people, but attempts to lure the dog were futile. They noticed that she had buried her puppy and was sitting next to the grave.

After she realized she was being watched, the dog ran away from the cemetery. Although Hunter and his mom weren’t able to help her, they still hope that they will find her a home. They say that they don’t believe she will be rescued, but will nonetheless do everything in their power to provide her a better life.

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Doggy News

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