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Meet Akita, The Cutest And Most Faithful Dog In The World


The Japanese Akita, known as the Akita Inu, is one of seven breeds designated as a national treasure in their native Japan.  The Akita first arrived in the United States when Helen Keller brought one over in 1937. The story of Hachiko, one of the most faithful dogs ever, made the breed world famous and they became an international symbol of loyalty.

Akitas are intelligent, courageous and loyal dogs who are very affectionate with their family.  Although they don’t like strangers, they will share their funny, affectionate side with their humans.  Independent, intelligent and powerful, Akitas need to be properly trained and socialized from an early age.

1. This little guy who wants to play with his new friend

2. This handsome fellow who wants to cuddle with you forever

3. This one who really doesn’t want to go to sleep

4. And this one who’s agreed to take a break

5. This one who thinks sleeping is overrated

6. This darling who loves shoe shopping

7. This one who has great taste in cars

8. These cuties who want to go cruising

9. This one who wants to take you out for dinner

10. This one who isn’t afraid of anything

11. This charmer who enjoys the company of beautiful ladies

12. This one who can’t stop smiling

13. This one who will always protect you

14. And this one who’ll always make you feel safe

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Doggy News

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