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Meet Adam, The Dog Allergic To People


It’s not uncommon that people complain of pet allergies, but have you ever though that dogs can also be allergic to humans?

Although it is very rare for a pet to have an allergic reaction to his owner, apparently it happens.

A black lab named Adam arrived at the Lucky Dog Retreat Rescue in Indianapolis, Indiana, with a mysterious condition, according to Robin Herman, who runs the rescue.

‘’We feed him the best food possible, got him flea free, gave him baths twice a week, special baths from the vet. We still couldn’t figure out what was wrong, so we took him in for a blood test.’’

And when she heard the results, Herman couldn’t believe his ears – Adam was having an allergic reaction to people!

‘’I laughed. I thought the vet was kidding. The vet said she wasn’t, and I laughed again. Then she explained that just like people can be allergic to dog dander, dogs can be allergic to human dander. She was surprised too. She’d never seen it before.’’

Luckily, Adam is on the road to full recovery.

‘’The vet seems to think we can fix him. They put a serum together just like with kids’ allergies, and he starts on allergy shots this week.’’

Herman hopes that the dog will soon get well enough to live a normal life with a new human family.

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Doggy News

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