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Lucky Dog Visits 23 Destinations And Travels 25,000 Miles


How often is it that you just straight up gave up on a weekend get away because you just felt too much guilt about leaving your dog home alone? Yea, we know. We do it all the time too…

However, not everyone is like that. Some take their dogs along with them on their adventures.

Let us introduce you to May Wong’s four-year-old cockapoo called Miss Darcy. This beautiful little doggy has visited a total of 11 countries and 23 destinations. The places she’s been include New York, Berlin, Stockholm, Milan and Paris. She has covered nearly 25,000 miles since 2011. Miss Wong and Darcy recently got a new travel companion. His name is George and he’s a dog.

Here’s what Miss Wong had to say about the whole thing:

“Over time and effort, travelling with Darcy has become routine. I know her ways and by now she’s familiar with being in trains, waiting around in stations, boarding procedures for ferries and planes. She is a very calm dog. I am lucky that she is a very good traveller. My dogs are my best friends, my family – and I enjoy exploring places with them. Having them with me makes me more relaxed during my holidays rather than thinking about them and worrying if they are okay,” Miss Wong said.

“On occasions when I had left Miss Darcy behind with friends, she’s constantly on the lookout for me when she was out walking. She was restless and listening out for me all the time, whining, which is out of character for her. They may not necessarily appreciate the effort I go through to have them travel with me but I know they would rather be with me than not.”

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