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Keeping Your Dog Safe On Halloween


Although Halloween is meant to be spooky, the fright night might may be frightening for dogs in all the wrong ways.

It is important to follow some basic guidelines in order to keep your dog safe and comfortable during the scariest night of the year.

Don’t leave your dog outside alone.  Even if they are accustomed to strangers, so many costumed children running about may be too much for your furry friend.  Also, remember that most dogs have a natural instinct to protect their families from strangers, and there will be many unknown people wandering around your home.  Keep them restrained, especially when you open the door.  Finally, make sure that their ID tag is secure on their collar.

If your dog gets anxious, act normally around them.  It’s also important to have your dog get used to costumes.  Try them on a couple of times before Halloween so Fido can recognize you.  Also, think twice before dressing them.  Some dogs may enjoy wearing costumes, others may be horrified by the experience.  Experiment first in order to find out whether they like being dressed up.

Protect dogs from candles and pumpkins and have in mind that most candies are toxic to dogs.

If you decide to take your dog trick or treating, be prepared at all times.  You need to provide them guidance and safety during Halloween festivities since they don’t understand the holiday.   However, if your dog is feeling relaxed and comfortable, you will have an unforgettable Howloween time.

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