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Introducing The Tiny And Lovable Maltese


If you are looking for a companion from the toy family that is incredibly smart, easy to train and light on the feet, look no further than the Maltese. These pooches are one of the most loved breeds in the world, though sometimes owners tend to spoil them to the extent that they become too stubborn or overly dependent.

When it comes to their general attitude toward life, the Maltese are usually bubbly and enjoy all the attention they get. There are also individuals that are more reserved and pretty much indifferent toward everyone except their owner. Like with most toy breeds, these bundles of joy need to be trained from an early age. If you have a tendency to pamper your four-legged friend, they will act like a toddler and they won’t cope well with reality when you’re not around, not to mention that they’ll become yappy and behave badly in general. This is why it’s very important for both your and your dog’s sake to establish boundaries early on.

The Maltese are one of the most intelligent toy breeds, which means they react to respect training very well. Once you start shaping them into well-behaved dogs, they won’t have any problems fitting into that role, all it takes is some discipline from your side. These doggies do so well in obedience and agility training that they are often the stars of dog competitions, so always keep in mind that your Maltese has a lot of potentials and all you need to do is unlock them.

Socialization is also quite significant because this toy breed, like most others, is sensitive and can be insecure around other people and dogs if not exposed to them regularly. If a Maltese is insecure, then you can expect excessive barking and even defensive biting, which is not a good idea around bigger dogs. Truth be told, this breed is very fragile physically so it will take larger dogs basically zero effort to hurt them.

The reality you need to be aware of is that the Maltese are known for their defiance when it comes to housebreaking. It’s no secret that these pooches simply don’t mind doing their business in the house, so there are some measures that you need to take to prevent unwanted “gifts” all over your home. What you can do is organize a covered potty space somewhere close to the area that your dog considers their own. Another solution that could do the trick is getting an indoor litterbox or you could set up a doggy door so that your pet could quickly get outside when they need to go to the bathroom. When it comes to potty time, you can treat the Maltese just like cats as they simply prefer to answer nature’s call whenever they feel like it.

We already mentioned that the Maltese are fragile, but it’s paramount to note just how fragile they are. This toy breed can get seriously injured if you accidentally step or sit on them, so you need to know where they are at all times. This doesn’t mean walking on eggshells, of course, but caution is needed if you want to preserve their health. It’s also a good idea to keep your pooch on a leash whenever in public because they can be easily distracted and simply run off where their noses/ears take them.

Another word of caution, the Maltese aren’t best with children. A child doesn’t understand that he or she can actually hurt your dog, not to mention that this breed isn’t fond of loud noises and sudden moves that children can’t help but make. This doesn’t mean that you should keep your Maltese away from anyone younger than eighteen, but pay special attention when your dog is around kids, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The Maltese need extensive grooming unless you want their coat to become matted and impossible to deal with. Maybe the best and most tidy option is to keep their coat short, that way your dog will be comfortable (and adorable) and you won’t spend too much time on grooming.

This breed’s health heavily depends on the line they come from. You need to be sure you’ve got a good breeder because skin conditions and joint problems are very common among them, sometimes eye problems and epilepsy as well. Remember that most of the ailments can be prevented by adopting your Maltese puppy from a verified breeder.

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