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Husky Babies Will Sweep You Off Your Feet


For centuries, Siberian Huskies were used by the Chukchi Tribe, off the eastern Siberian peninsula, to pull sleds, herd reindeer and watch over people’s homes.

Since these adorable working dogs originated in colder climates they thrive in cold weather and require plenty of exercise.

They are affectionate, gentle and playful dogs who are friendly towards everyone and extremely patient with children. Huskies can be difficult to housebreak, but they are amazing pets to owners who will devote time and energy into them.

1. These cuties who can’t wait to start their day

2. This baby who loves his food

3. This pup who really wants to do the impossible

4. This handsome fellow who is a bit embarrassed

5. These siblings who are having a deep conversation

6. This fluffy baby who wants to be all grown up

7. This one who wants to help his human

8. These precious Huskies who are exploring the world

9. These babies who are enjoying spring

10. And this one who is happy that winter is here

11. This adorable couple who is having the best time ever

12. And these babies who will be friends for life

13. This little one who think it’s too early to get up

14. This one who is discovering the magic of autumn

15. This one who is learning things on his own

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Doggy News

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