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How To Keep Your Pooch Safe On Christmas Day


Christmas is a wonderful holiday when humans get together and celebrate the joyous season. Even though it is an exciting time of the year for us, it can be a bit too much for our dogs.

Here are some tips on how to keep your beloved pet safe and happy during the holidays:

  • When presents are being opened, keep the dog out of the room. This situation might become too exciting for them to cope with and could lead to unwanted problems.
  • Make sure that all the decorations used on the gifts are put out of the dog’s reach because they might chew or swallow them – the last thing you want for Christmas is a sick pup.
  • Take them for a nice, long walk before all the excitement begins in order to avoid any accidents.  A walk will tire them and they will be calmer during stressful situations.
  • The Christmas buzz might be too stressful to your dog, so make sure that they feel comfortable and have a safe place in the house where they can relax. Although pups want to mingle with your family and friends, a quiet room will help them avoid uncomfortable and scary situations.
  • Keep the dog out of the dining room because your guests might accidentally give them something to eat which is not good for them. It’s also a good idea to ask your guests not to feed your dog, especially if they are in the training process – your pooch needs to know that a treat is a reward. Further, many things we eat for Christmas are toxic (even fatal) to dogs.
  • Keep an eye on kids and pups. It’s never a good idea to leave children unsupervised with dogs because one of them might accidentally hurt the other.
  • Follow these simple guidelines and both you and your pup will have an unforgettable Christmas. As long as you are prepared, your dog will be able to enjoy the holidays and have fun around humans.

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