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How To Include Your Dog In The Holiday Fun


The holiday season is the perfect time of the year to include your pooch in a number of family-friendly, fun activities. As long as you are well prepared and know your dog, everything will go smoothly and you and your pup will have an amazing experience.

Here are 10 ways to share the Christmas joy with your pooch:

  1. Include your dog in family pictures. Apart from having great memories, those photos can be used as next year’s holiday cards. Your dog will love the attention and appreciate being an important part of the pack.
  2. Include their signature on holiday cards – your dog will love it and your family and friends will be thrilled to receive a card with your pooch’s paw stamp.
  3. Take your dog Christmas caroling. If your pup is not easily scared of people, this will be an incredible experience for them.
  4. If your dog loved wearing Halloween or Thanksgiving costumes, buy (or make) them a Christmas outfit. They could be Santa’s little helper, a reindeer or Santa himself.
  5. Hang a stocking for your dog and fill it with treats. Even if you don’t put anything in it, your pooch will be over the moon because, well, dogs have a thing for socks.
  6. Christmas is giving time so make sure to get something really nice for your best friend. They will be delighted if you allow them to open it, but don’t decorate the package with ribbons or wrapping paper because your dog might chew or swallow it.
  7. Since humans are going to eat delicious foods, prepare your pooch’s favorite food and reward them with tasty treats.
  8. Let them mingle with your guests at the party, but make sure that all your friends and family know the basic canine rules in your home. Also, ask them not to feed the dog because many human foods are poisonous to dogs and might seriously harm them.
  9. If you plan to spend the holidays traveling, take your dog along. A trip with their humans will mean the world to them.
  10. Most importantly, pay attention to your pup and spend time with them. Always remember that your dog loves you to the moon and back and would do anything for you. That being said, their only Christmas wish is probably to hang out with their human family.

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