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Homeless Man Says Farewell To His 31 Beloved Dogs


A man was found living in the wild in Natchez Trace State Park, over a hundred miles outside of Memphis, Tennessee. The only companionship this rogue outdoorsman had for 16 years were his dogs – 31 of them. When offered help, he refused to accept it until he was sure that all of his pooches were fine. Animal Rescue Corps took it upon themselves to tell the story of this extraordinary man. According to them, he chose this life of exile 16 years ago and recently began developing certain health issues, which compelled him to accept the help of community members and the ARC in order to find a home for himself and all of his dogs.

Unfortunately, the dogs suffer from various diseases and discomforts from years of living in the wild. Three of them apparently have serious leg injuries and some are suffering from lacerations and broken teeth, according to the Animal Rescue Corps. After much persuading, the local community managed to convince the man that both he and his dogs would require medical attention if they were to stay healthy and happy. According to a representative for the ARC, several people have known of the man’s situation for years and have offered their support to him and his dogs at different times over the years.

The most touching thing about this is the way this man cares about all of his dogs. He would refuse any and all help for himself if they didn’t receive help first. The animals were transported by the ARC to an emergency shelter, with the intent of giving them medical care and vaccinating them. The rescue of these pooches is the result of a much larger effort initiated by the ARC across the state of Tennessee, which has succeeded in rescuing more than 130 neglected animals from their less than adequate living conditions in only three days.

ARC promises to provide care for the animals until permanent homes are found for them. The organization is accepting donations via their website, so you can check them out here to offer your support.

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Doggy News

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