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Hi-Tech Gadget Enables Dogs To Communicate With Humans


A wearable canine harness is the ultimate gadget we’ve all been waiting for.

The harness was developed in the United States and will seriously improve dog to human communication.

The hi-tech backpack can sense the dog’s movement and detect the sound they make, enabling the owner to know how they feel and what they want.  Humans can talk back to their pets thanks to speakers and vibrating pads in the harness.

Researchers say that the gadget could be particularly useful for guide dogs, search and rescue dogs, service dogs and training dogs.

Dr. David Roberts of North Carolina State University, who developed the system, explained that the gadget is only a prototype, but confirmed that the tech will be fully developed in the near future.

‘’We’ve developed a platform for computer-mediated communication between humans and dogs that opens the door to new avenues for interpreting dogs’ behavioral signals and sending them clear and unambiguous cues in return. We have a fully functional prototype, but we’ll be refining the design as we explore more and more applications for the platform.’’

Dr. Alper Bozkurt, an assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at NC State and co-lead author of a paper on the work, said that the harness is equipped with two types of communication technologies and Roberts described how the system works.

‘’Dogs communicate primarily through body language, and one of our challenges was to develop sensors that tell us about their behavior by observing their posture remotely. So we can determine when they’re sitting, standing, running, etc., even when they’re out of sight – a harness-mounted computer the size of a deck of cards transmits those data wirelessly. At the same time, we’ve incorporated speakers and vibrating motors, called haptics, into the harness, which enable us to communicate with the dogs.’’

The technology also includes physiological sensors that monitor the dog’s physical well-being, including heart rate and body temperature. In addition, the sensors provide humans with information regarding the dog’s emotional state.  Finally, the wearable tech can be augmented with a variety of other devices, such as microphones, cameras and environmental sensors.

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